Rising Americana Talent Dori Freeman Signs to Free Dirt Records

Free Dirt Records announces the signing of 24 year-old Americana artist Dori Freeman. Born and raised in the Crooked Road region of Virginia (and still based in Galax, Virgina), Freeman’s upbringing in an area of the country known best for its rich musical heritage has equipped her with a deep knowledge and respect of tradition. Yet all the songs on her upcoming 10-track album are originals and executed with a contemporary approach, weaving in elements of a number of musical genres. Freeman says, “We just wanted it to sound genuine, to be current and sincere.”

Dori Freeman is the kind of Americana record that hits you like a train: stunningly gorgeous, lyrically rich and so thoughtfully executed it seems it must be the work of an artist with years of releases under her belt. Produced by Teddy Thompson, son of folk legends Richard & Linda Thompson, Dori Freeman features an all-star cast of backing musicians (including producer Thompson himself). Thompson calls her songwriting “unadulterated”. Each song a tightly composed gem, the album run the gamut from slow-burning ballads to uptempo laments. “They are spare and honest and stay with you,” Thompson adds. Indeed, the album is filled with those rare kinds of tunes that manage to provide hooks without sacrificing any complexity.

Look out for the new album and tour dates from Dori Freeman in January 2016.

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