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Here's to The Wilders...

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This morning we received a note from Ike Sheldon, lead singer for Free Dirt Records recording artist The Wilders.  You can read it here, but to sum up, The Wilders are going on hiatus.  We're not really sure what that means... hell, they don't even know what that means.  It could mean they never play again.  It could mean they're back in 2013 in full force, bigger and better than ever.   But this morning we're not really speculating about anything... we're just a little sad about the possibility of never seeing them play again, and a little reflective about how tremendous of a band The Wilders are, how much joy they've brought to so many people over the last 15 years through their recorded works and their legendary live shows, and how lucky the folks at Free Dirt feel to have had a chance to work with Betse Ellis, Ike Sheldon, Nate Gawron, and Phil Wade for the last few of them.  Their unbelievable talents and profound integrity astound us.   They've welcomed us into their lives and hearts, and we truly consider them family.   Just how grateful is Free Dirt Records for The Wilders?  Well, we think we can safely say that Trade Root Music Group and Free Dirt Records probably wouldn't be around still if it weren't for them.  So, since there's no telling what will happen, let's just think of the good times they've brought, and the hope that their time away may bring about bigger and better things for them (whether as normal, everyday productive non-musician members of society, individual artists, or once again as a band).  And of course, whatever musical endeavours that might happen with the gang as individuals or as a group, you know they'll always have a home at Free Dirt Records.  Here's to The Wilders!  Group hug time!

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