The Shrouded Strangers - Lost Forever

The Shrouded Strangers - Lost Forever

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Recorded in a cabin in the woods of Guerneville, California, while sweating around an 8-track machine and drinking Coors tallboys. The Shrouded Strangers dropped white noise atop sputtering Camaro/Casio freak-outs, sea shanties about botched mutinies, discomforting childhood hallucinations, fuzzed-out hillbilly stomps and propulsive, Can-driven paeans to drugs that don't exist yet.  What they emerged with was a strange, consistently damaged and infrequently beautiful collection of disembodies pop tunes and psych-sing-a-longs.

Track Listing:
1. Late Bloomer
2. Featherbed
3. Coatcheck with a View of the Coast
4. (Don't Look At The) Pink Lightning
5. Oilheart
6. Pyramid Points
7. Drinking the Spider Silk
8. How the Dead Butter Their Bread
9. Black Tie White Atlas Shrugged
10. Waltz Into Silver
12. Days of Glass

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