Nethers - What the Wind Will Never Tell

Nethers - What the Wind Will Never Tell

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The sophomore full-length effort from Nethers is the impeccable result of what happens when a band travels more than 3,000 miles to record in the garage of an esteemed producer who they’ve never met before. Together with Thom Monahan (Pernice Brothers, Gary Louris, Lilys, Lavender Diamond), the band created What the Wind Would Never Tell, a seamless collection of incandescent pop and late-night mood pieces, Sunday morning hangover music and dark, brooding funeral hymns, galloping psych-summer sing-a-longs, and heart-aching waltzes, all sung with stunning warmth, depth and haunting beauty by vocalist Nikki West. It comes on the heels of their critically claimed debut, In Field We Will Lie. Nethers have toured with Dungen, and performed with The Decemberists, The Walkmen, The National and Josh Ritter.


"What makes Nethers stand out is the group's ability to oscillate smoothly from what can be a rather coarse form of acid-folk to some of the brightest, happiest '60s-era sunshine tunes you can find." - Conor McKay, NPR Music


Track Listing:

1. Esprit de Nethers
2. Three Hearts
3. Green Jean Jamboree
4. The Night, The Fire
5. Great Big Grave
6. Tied to the End of a String
7. When the Eyed Comes Down
8. Soul Spider
9. Parlorsong
10. Autumn's Bride
11. The Cherry Tree
12. Grace's Pond

Catalog Number: IZN-CD-003

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