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Business & Tour Management

Here are a few of the business and tour management services we offer. Drop us a line to learn more:
With our virtual tour management service, you get all the organizational and profit-maximizing benefits of having a tour manager, without the added cost of paying for crew members to travel with you. We can customize a package based on your specific needs; below are the basics:

  • Tour advancing: Liaise with artist/booking agent and promoters/venue staff to confirm itineraries and ensure all contract points are fulfilled for a smooth run of show. Advancing includes all financial, hospitality, schedule and production details.
  • Tour book & daysheet creation: Organize all that tour data into handy itineraries and/or physical daysheets (if preferred) accessible to all tour personnel
  • Tour software management: Manage data entry and upkeep of mobile tour platforms (i.e. MasterTour)
  • International visa, work permits & tax forms: Work with international agents to secure all necessary travel documentation and cost-saving tax paperwork
  • Travel logistics: Book flights, vehicles, hotels, ferries, etc. We consistently approach travel booking from a budget-conscious perspective that's friendly on your pocketbook!
  • Tour merchandise logistics: Track on-the-road inventory and work with labels/distributors to facilitate product replenishments needed while on tour
  • Media opps: Advance details of any on-site media obligations along your tour route (in-studios, TV tapings, etc.)

With our business management services, we can help you prevent and sort out conflicts and develop budgets and marketing strategies. Let us know what you need:

  • Bookkeeping & financial advising: Help track expenses (recording, touring, etc.) and long-term financial planning
  • Contract reviews: Help breakdown complicated language and mediate contract reviews. We'll take care of the boring stuff so you don't have to!
  • Business organization service: Strategize better ways to organize and streamline personal and band finances
  • Marketing plan development: Develop comprehensive marketing plan (retail, social media, Google AdWords, etc.)
  • Merchandise logistics: Coordinate ordering, shipping, warehousing of merchandise
  • Tour budgeting: Formulate a detailed, comprehensive budget for your tour expenses, giving you the tools you need to maximize profits
  • Web store, e-commerce management, fulfillment services: Manage and track web store orders, fulfill shipments, troubleshoot common e-commerce problems
  • Manufacturing management: Consult and lead on production concerns related to producing physical goods (concept to goods in hand)
  • Crowdfunding campaigns: Manage day-to-day operations and provide best practices for services like Kickstarter and PledgeMusic
  • Monetization development: Develop alternative revenue by monetizing YouTube videos, SoundCloud tracks, and other overlooked streams
  • Band mediation: Act as impartial intermediary in band negotiations. We're here for you!