What We Do

Free Dirt is a record label at its core, but we also advocate for other artists and boutique record labels. Here's a small sample of what else we do:

Physical & Digital Distribution

Free Dirt has an extensive worldwide network of distributors. We help boutique labels and individual artists navigate the ever-changing music distribution landscape. Click here for our list of distribution partners.

Business & Tour Management

Bookkeeping, financial advising, contract reviews, marketing plan development, merchandise logistics, tour budgeting, and international visa & work permit processing are just a few things that we specialize in for artists, labels, and music industry companies. Are you an artist about to embark on a major tour? We can make sure that runs smoothly too, through our experienced virtual tour management team. Click here for more information about our business & tour management services.

Publishing Administration

Performing Rights Organization (PRO) management, mechanical licensing, synchronization, neighboring rights, YouTube monetization, and more. We manage your songwriting catalog, and help chase down money that’s hiding in details and deals. If someone streams your song in Japan or downloads it in Brazil we'll ensure your due finds you. Our publishing administration team has you covered, worldwide. Click here for more information.

Curious to know more? Drop us a line at info@freedirt.net