Nethers - Green Jean Jamboree (7'' vinyl single)

Nethers - Green Jean Jamboree (7'' vinyl single)

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Nethers may have packed up and left their roots in Washington D.C., going in four different directions throughout the USA, but they're still together and tighter than ever musically on their new single Green Jean Jamboree. Carried by Nikki West's rich and powerful voice and shaped by folky undercurrents of dread and joy a la Blonde Redhead, Velvet Underground and The Kinks, this 7-inch vinyl-only limited release, which preceded their full-length 2008 release What the Wind Will Never Tell, gives a glimpse of what great things can happen when a critically-acclaimed band decides to break up... Geographically, that is.


Track Listing:

Side A:
"Green Jean Jamboree"

Side B:
What the Wind Would Never Tell"


Catalog Number: IZN-LP-002

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