Jake La Botz - They're Coming for Me

Jake La Botz - They're Coming for Me

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Jake La Botz brings a lifetime of unconventional stories crackling to cinematic life on his new album They're Coming for Me. Produced by Jimmy Sutton (Pokey LaFarge, JD McPherson) at Hi-Style Studios, the record is an impressive showcase of La Botz' creative storytelling chops. Contemplative, spiritual, and often inclined toward the absurd, the album's 10 tracks include a tale written from the perspective of a bank robber moaning gospel hymns while barreling towards a grisly end, a hilarious, snarky riff from Bigfoot on his struggle to stay relevant amidst the modern 24-hour news cycle, and a recent Nashville transplant's observations on the everyday reality for working musicians in Music City. They're Coming For Me deftly ties threads from La Botz's background in Chicago blues, gospel, early rock 'n roll, American folksong traditions, and a dash of country twang into a grooving knot of warm-timbred Americana. The songs jump off the needle like the words of a profound and gripping American novel, deepening with each listen as layers of meaning unfold across a rich musical landscape.

Track Listing:

1. They’re Coming for Me (3:06)
2. Johnnybag the Superglue (3:18)
3. Without the Weight (3:57)
4. The Bankrobber’s Lament (4:16)
5. Snow Angel (3:08)
6. Hey Bigfoot (4:04)
7. The Terrible Game (3:42)
8. Grace of the Leaves (4:29)
9. Nashville, Nashville (3:37)
10. Are We Saying Goodbye? (3:18)
11. This Comb (Bonus) (3:14)
12. Shaken and Taken (Bonus) (3:11)

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