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We provide services for Performing Rights Organization (PRO) management, mechanical licensing, synchronization, neighboring rights, YouTube monetization, and more. We manage your songwriting catalog and help chase down money that’s hiding in the details and deals. If someone streams your song in Japan or downloads it in Brazil, we’ll ensure your due finds you. Our publishing administration team provides worldwide coverage.

 If you’re already registered with a PRO like BMI or ASCAP, that’s great! But you might still be missing out on important revenue streams. Here’s a brief rundown of how we can help administer your publishing.

  • You’ll be registered with PROs across the globe, rather than just one.
  • We actively pitch artists’ music to TV, games and films throughout the world.
  • We track, collect, and pay royalties directly to your account on a quarterly basis.
  • We retain 100% of the rights to your material.
  • We help you take advantage of neighboring rights.
  • We’ll monetize your YouTube videos and SoundCloud tracks.