Ric Robertson - Carolina Child

Ric Robertson - Carolina Child

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Ric Robertson is an American original, pulling influences from the greats that came before, but wholly responsible for building his own creative universe. His new full-length record Carolina Child is nothing short of an opus, taking his wealth of musical proclivities—from the mountain music of his home state of North Carolina, all the way to the jazz and funk of his current homebase in New Orleans—and fueling it into a gonzo vision of Americana that is equally innovative as it is simply beautiful to hear. As a songwriter, Robertson takes his inspiration from the fragility of our inner lives and the small moments packed with meaning that surround us. This is John Prine by way of New Orleans, Harry Nilsson in a Nudie suit, a stoned Dr. John lost in Nashville, Bill Monroe on mushrooms listening to Bessie Smith. It’s a riot of juxtapositions and a chaos of imagination anchored by Robertson’s soft, flowing voice, and his uncanny knack for chronicling our lost lives. Carolina Child was produced by Dan Molad of Lucius, and features Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig from Lucius plus a whole host of Robertson’s friends and picking partners including Dori Freeman, Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers), and Logan Ledger. Listening to the album's ten tracks, it's clear that Robertson—one of the best kept secrets of Americana—is poised for a breakout moment with Carolina Child. Step into his boundlessly creative multi-verse and you’ll find nothing short of American songbook excellence.

Track Listing:

1. Getting Over Our Love (3:11)
2. Harmless Feeling (3:22)
3. Carolina Child (2:40)
4. Sycamore Hill (3:29)
5. Thinkin' About You (3:15)
6. Anna Rose (4:30)
7. My Love Never Sleeps (3:46)
8. I Don't Mind (4:25)
9. Rollin' River (2:41)
10. Julie (5:24)

Catalog Number: DIRT-CD-0101, DIRT-LP-0101

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