The Bucking Mules - Smoke Behind the Clouds

The Bucking Mules - Smoke Behind the Clouds

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"I dare you not to stamp your feet whilst listening." - fRoots Magazine

Straight-shooting stringband The Bucking Mules deliver American old-time music at its pure and joyous best. Their new full-length record Smoke Behind the Clouds features 17 mostly traditional songs treated with the Mules’ characteristic throw-down groove. The band cut their teeth in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia through extensive time spent with old 78s and elder master musicians from the region. The result is a group of well-studied musicians who know how to bust down on a fiddle tune, belt an old song, and move square dancers. On Smoke Behind the Clouds, the Mules traverse the traditional musical landscape of the Cumberland Plateau, the Tennessee River, the Blue Ridge, and beyond. Favoring spirit and simplicity over pretense, Smoke Behind the Clouds distills a reverence of the past into a driving, heartfelt record tailored for contemporary fans of folk, old time, bluegrass, and more.

Track Listing:

1. Smoke Behind the Clouds
2. John Cooper's Tune
3. Georgia Belles
4. Jasper Jail
5. Irish Washerwoman
6. Railroad
7. Fire On the Mountain
8. Lexington
9. More Good Women Gone Wrong
10. Wild Geese at Flight
11. Ruffled Drawers
12. Girl From the Greenbriar Shore
13. Altamont
14. The Soldier and the Lady
15. Climbing the Golden Stairs
16. My Wife Died On Saturday Night
17. Greenback

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