Betse Ellis - Don't You Want to Go

Betse Ellis - Don't You Want to Go

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Renowned fiddler Betse Ellis, a founding member of “hillbilly riot” band The Wilders, is sure to impress you with her musical versatility on her debut solo album, Don’t You Want to Go. Her unique approach to American traditional music is presented in a host of different musical styles, ranging from stunning tributes to Ozark elders in fiddle tunes and song (“Bear Creek Sally Goodin’”), electrifying vocals on blues standards (“Looking the World Over”), original high energy old-time fiddle tunes (“Run!”), and epic, lushly orchestrated original songs with string sections arranged and performed by Ellis herself (“Another Night Gone,” “Don’t You Want to Go”). In the move from band member to band leader, Ellis confirms that she is indeed one of the most multi-talented musicians on the old-time and alt. country music scenes.


 Track Listing: 

  1. White River
  2. John Henry
  3. Run! 
  4. Looking the World Over
  5. Bear Creek Sally Goodin'
  6. Another Night Gone
  7. La Cinquantaine
  8. Walk Along John
  9. Heaven Bells Are Ringing/Gone to View That Land
  10. Mainz Waltz
  11. Don't You Want to Go
  12. Hanson's Farewell
  13. In My Girlish Days


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