Howard Zinn - War and Civil Disobedience

Howard Zinn - War and Civil Disobedience

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What are citizens to do when confronted by unjust laws and when their government embroils them in unjust wars? Delivered in the context of the current U.S. war in Iraq, this recording is a scintillating lecture and discussion by the legendary teacher, historian, playwright and activist. Howard Zinn offers from the lens of history, models, ideas and inspiration for how and why we might go about challenging and changing the structures of power, the necessity of civil disobedience for a functioning democracy and its centrality to social movements.

“Whenever important things had to be done and injustices had to be rectified, that initiative did not come from Washington; it came from social movements. It was the anti-slavery movement more than Abraham Lincoln that was responsible for the end of slavery. It was the labor movement more than FDR that was responsible for the minimum wage and all that. So we need a new social movement. We need more protests, we need more acts, we need more citizen involvement, yes, and we need civil disobedience.” —Howard Zinn, Excerpt from the recording


Track Listing:

  1. Wars: Then and Now
  2. Governments Lie
  3. It Helps to Know Some History
  4. What is Patriotism?
  5. War is Terrorism
  6. The Experts
  7. End War
  8. Civil Disobedience
  9. Bailouts
  10. The New Deal
  11. How Do You Start?

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