Anna & Elizabeth - Hop High/Here in the Vineyard (7" vinyl single)

Anna & Elizabeth - Hop High/Here in the Vineyard (7" vinyl single)

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Hop High/Here in the Vineyard, the new 7-inch vinyl single from old-time artists Anna & Elizabeth, is a beautiful evolution of the duo’s traditional foundation. This set takes the minimalist approach of their previous work and moves into the avant-garde, into a present-day space outside the museum where these stories live, breathe, and grow. With the help of producers Alec Spiegelman and Benjamin Lazar Davis (both members of avant-pop outfit Cuddle Magic), Anna & Elizabeth re-create two well-known traditional songs by carefully surrounding them with unexpected elements: pump organ, rousing woodwind and string arrangements, electronics, and and banjo tunings inspired by Indonesian gamelan. The result is arresting and visionary; Hop High/Here in the Vineyard is a work that explores cultural intersectionality in a space that is both time-honored and experimental.

Track Listing:
Side A- Hop High
Side B- Here in the Vineyard

Catalog Number: DIRT-EP-0080

UPC: 877746008016

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