Axton Kincaid - Silver Dollars

Axton Kincaid - Silver Dollars

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Silver Dollars, Axton Kincaid’s second release on Free Dirt Records, updates the traditional bent of their debut, Songs from the Pine Room, with songs inspired by early ’70s country-rock (“The Saddest Story”), Porter & Dolly-style duets (“Spend Some Time with Me”), and the classic Nashville sound – albeit with an underlying layer of noisy, distorted guitar (“Walking Papers”). With guest musicians on fiddle, pedal steel, and piano, the record features some of the brightest stars in the Portland and San Francisco country and indie rock scenes, including Camilla Lincoln (The Whoreshoes), Katy Rexford (Burning Embers, Boz Scaggs), and Mac Martin (John Murry and Bob Frank). 

"The band reveres tradition, not convention, and Silver Dollars shines because of it." -Christel Loar, Pop Matters


Track Listing:

  1. The Saddest Story
  2. Walking Papers
  3. Spend Some Time with Me
  4. Silver Dollars
  5. We Should Be Drinkin'
  6. Empty Houses
  7. Let the World Go By
  8. Long Black Veil
  9. The Narrows
  10. Hey, Donna
  11. I Don't Need to Wear a Hat (to Prove I'm Country)

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