Betse Ellis - High Moon Order

Betse Ellis - High Moon Order

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High Moon Order evolves from the raw, straightforward approach of Betse’s previous solo work to a sound that’s uncommonly complex and captivating. While a number of traditional songs and tunes appear on the record—imprinted with Betse’s own personal style and delivery—her sophomore effort consists primarily of original compositions. But what perhaps makes High Moon Order so distinct is its ability to surprise. One moment she wails out gritty words atop a screaming fiddle and drums, the next she quietly confesses over the strum of a tenor guitar. All the pieces fall together beautifully for a record that pushes the boundaries of how folk music can be understood and transformed in the modern age. The album features 13 tracks that demonstrate Betse’s incredible musical range, and distinguish her expertise at singing while fiddling at the same time. Including acoustic traditional and original fiddle tunes, new, sonically rich songs featuring full electric band, a couple of fiery punk-infused numbers, and even a rousing cover of The Clash’s “Straight to Hell,” High Moon Order will wow any fan of folk, old-time, Americana and beyond.

“Let’s get one thing straight: Betse Ellis is one badass fiddle player. She has an uncanny ability to make that instrument weep and wail while making it play hot potato with the bow.” -Ink Magazine


 Track Listing:

  1. The Traveler
  2. Golden Road
  3. Long Time to Get There
  4. Dry and Dusty
  5. Straight to Hell
  6. Elk River Blues
  7. Twilight is Stealing
  8. The Complainer
  9. When Sorrows Encompass Me 'Round
  10. The Collector
  11. Stamper
  12. Queen of the Earth and Child of the Skies
  13. Question to Lay Your Burden Down


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