Leon Rosselson

Since his early days with his involvement with the British folk revival, Leon Rosselson has shaken up the music scene with his edgy subject matter and irreverent, unapologetic if anarchic themes. Though Rosselson does not describe himself as a folk singer, his emphasis on acoustic guitar and narrative lyrics,however, give him a quintessentially British folk timbre. His sound is simple. The issues he tackles are not. Rosselson never shies away from war, poverty, or politics.

Scott Borchert of CounterPunch writes,” Since he wrote his first song in 1956, Rosselson has kept a keen eye on the state of the world, picking out its contradictions, its absurdities and tragedies, and weaving them into his lyrics. In the process he’s produced an exceptional catalog of subversive, inspiring music.”

Having started his career over 50 years ago, Rosselson has cemented himself as world-renown performer. He began his singing career in the folk clubs of London and has since gone on to wild success. His tune “World Turned Upside Down,” entered the charts after Billy Bragg popularized it. Rosselson has played in a myriad of venues all over the world. In addition to his illustrious, yet countercultural singing career, Rosselson has penned 17 books and has performed numerous concerts for children.

Now at 81 years old, Rosselson has available two albums on Free Dirt Records, one of which is “Where are the Barricades,” his final studio album and the culmination of his long and fruitful career. This album is the pinnacle of his idiosyncratic blend of satire and perhaps sacrilegious prose.

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