Robb Johnson - A Reasonable History of Impossible Demands: The Damage to Date 1986-2013

Robb Johnson - A Reasonable History of Impossible Demands: The Damage to Date 1986-2013

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Described by Folk Roots as “a creator of some of the most potent songs of the last decade,” Robb Johnson is one of the England's finest living songwriters. Over a prolific recording career of more than 30 albums, his songs have found their way into the repertoires of musicians such as folk legend Roy Bailey and cabaret diva Barb Jungr. A Reasonable History of Impossible Demands, Johnson’s first career retrospective, distills the pubs, pavements, and pickets he’s played along the way into a moving collection of songs spanning politics, protest, and above all, what it means to be human. Johnson calls the deluxe box set “part journal, part diary, part testament” and it proves he's not slowing down anytime soon. Featuring 92 songs on 5 CDs, and includes both previously released classics as well as 10 unreleased tracks.

 "One of Britain's most challenging songwriters."—The Daily Telegraph

“Britain’s finest songwriter since Richard Thompson.”—Venue

Track Listing:

  1. Upstairs-Downstairs 
  2. Rosa's Lovely Daughters 
  3. I Close My Eyes 
  4. Evergreen 
  5. Another Cold Saturday 
  6. 6B Go Swimming 
  7. Sunday Morning St. Denis
  8. Fairy Tales in Feltham 
  9. Overnight 
  10. Winter Turns To Spring 
  11. The Last Time I Saw Paris 
  12. You Don't Have To Say Goodbye 
  13. Gliders For Tim 
  14. More Than Enough 
  15. Blame the Snow for Falling 
  16. I Remember Managua 
  17. Small Revolutions 
  18. A Bird Is Singing 
  19. Captain Swing 
  20. Boxing Day 
  21. The Animals Song
  22. The Herald of Free Enterprise 
  23. Vic Williams 
  24. Undefeated 
  25. Red & Green 
  26. When Saturday Came 
  27. Three Minutes Silence 
  28. We All Said Stop the War 
  29. This Is What Democracy Looks Like 
  30. Punk Rock Jubilee 
  31. Northwest Frontier 
  32. Inexcusable 
  33. Little Vinnie Jones 
  34. Alice Annie Wheeldon 
  35. Ding Dong Thatch 
  36. Love Takes No Prisoners 
  37. The Night Café 
  38. Magic Sam 
  39. When Harry Took Me to See Ypres 
  40. Au Depart 
  41. Changing the Guards 
  42. Icebergs 
  43. Barricades 
  44. The Big Wheel 
  45. Dear Andy 
  46. I Apologize 
  47. At the Siege of Madrid 
  48. Invisible People 
  49. The Young Man with the Girlfriend & Guitar 
  50. My Mother Taught Me How to Waltz 
  51. Breakfast in Chemnitz 
  52. Clockwork Music 
  53. Magic 
  54. Justice In Knightsbridge
  55. Not in My Name 
  56. Remember This 
  57. Lottery Land 
  58. Martha in the Mirror 
  59. Anarchy in Hackney 
  60. Hands Off My Friends 
  61. You & This City 
  62. Ugly Town 
  63. UK Talking 
  64. On Highway 5 
  65. The Prince & Private Gentle 
  66. Even Steve McQueen 
  67. I am Not at War 
  68. Win, Lose or Draw 
  69. Falling Down with You 
  70. Karl Marx City Blues 
  71. Happilly Ever After 
  72. 21st Century Blues 
  73. Real Cool Purple Shirt 
  74. The Beautiful Dark 
  75. Don't Close the Bar 
  76. Stand Clear! 
  77. The London Eye 
  78. Anyday 
  79. Almost the Homecoming Queen 
  80. Man Walks into a Pub 
  81. The Wrong Train 
  82. A Place in the Country 
  83. Pennypot Lane 
  84. Rupert Says 
  85. Dreams 
  86. Cauliflower Curry 
  87. No Time to Say Goodbye 
  88. Bring Down the Moon 
  89. The Rottweiler Man 
  90. Downhearted 
  91. Be Reasonable 
  92. Here Comes That Miracle Again 

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