Angela Davis - The Meaning of Freedom

Angela Davis - The Meaning of Freedom

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Angela Davis is a legendary speaker, known for the clarity and subtlety of her thought and the compelling passion of her delivery. This speech was delivered at a conference organized for the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in 1808, to talk about the meaning of freedom:

  • What has that freedom meant for people of African descent?
  • Was that freedom meant for the black world?
  • And what has been the relationship to communities that are differently racialized but nonetheless suffer under these cycles of oppression?

"The structural racism of the prison. What's very interesting is that people don't get convicted because they are black anymore or because they are Chicano. But there are structures of racism that make race matter in terms of determining who goes to prison, particularly who gets to go to prison and who gets to go to colleges and universities. How can we think about that structural racism? What is the relationship between the structural racism of slavery and the racism that is inscribed in the very processes that create trajectories that lead inevitably toward incarceration?" -Angela Davis, from the recording

"Angela Davis has written and lectured extensively on a variety of historical, social, political, and economic issues. This 2008 talk is a great introduction for anyone who would like to learn more about her thoughts on race as it relates to our pro-civility for incarcerating people by the millions here in the United States." - Political Media Review


Track Listing:

  1. Black History
  2. Slavery and Nightmares
  3. Structural Racism and Prison
  4. Decarceration
  5. Gender, Race, and Class
  6. Corporate Globalization
  7. Prison Industrial Complex
  8. Imagining Democracy 

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