Noam Chomsky - Iraq: The Forever War

Noam Chomsky - Iraq: The Forever War

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Presenting an arresting analysis of U.S. foreign policy and the war on terror, this original recording of renowned dissident Noam Chomsky delivers a provocative lecture on the nation’s past and present use of force. Demonstrating how imperial powers have historically invented fantastic reasons to sell their wars to their people, this powerful examination illustrates the attack on Iraq as not just a mistake but also a crime, proposing that the criminals behind it should be brought to justice. The discourse focuses on the present U.S. disregard for the Geneva Conventions and the dangerous and immoral use of “anticipatory self-defense” to undermine the United Nations Charter and international law.

“In brief, the United States is now insisting that Iraq must agree to allow permanent U.S. military installations, grant the United States the right to conduct combat operations freely and to guarantee U.S. control over the oil resources of Iraq. It’s all very explicit, on the table. It’s kind of interesting that these reports do not elicit any reflection on the reasons why the United States invaded Iraq. You’ve heard those reasons offered, but they were dismissed with ridicule. Now they’re openly conceded to be accurate, but not eliciting any retraction or even any reflection.” —Noam Chomsky, Excerpt from the recording


Track Listing:

  1. Iraq: A Land of Wreck & Ruin
  2. Liberal Doves
  3. Nuremberg
  4. September 11
  5. Unpeople
  6. Iran
  7. North Korea
  8. Imperial Intentions
  9. Iran's Offer to U.S.
  10. Resistance in Latin America
  11. Vietnam


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