Raj Patel - Stuffed and Starved

Raj Patel - Stuffed and Starved

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On this audio CD lecture, Patel talks about his comprehensive investigation into the global food network while writing his best-selling book of the same name. It took him from the colossal supermarkets of California to India’s wrecked paddy fields and Africa’s bankrupt coffee farms, while along the way he ate genetically engineered soy beans and dodged flying objects in the protester-packed streets of South Korea. What he found was shocking, from the false choices given us by supermarkets to a global epidemic of farmer suicides, and real reasons for famine in Asia and Africa.

“I think that actually having a democratic conversation about food is the one thing that most of us, and particularly people in developing countries, have never had. In this country we’ve had the poor cousin to democracy. What we experience as democracy is in fact consumer choice.” —Raj Patel, Excerpt from the recording

 Track Listing:

  1. Hunger and Obesity
  2. The Curse of Soy
  3. Who Profits?
  4. Corporations and Capitalism
  5. Markets and India
  6. Farmer Suicides
  7. The World Bank
  8. Wal-Mart
  9. Fast Food
  10. Social Change
  11. Getting Radical
  12. Biofuels
  13. The Price of Food
  14. What Do You Eat?

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