Starvation Army: Band Music No. 1 - Songs of the IWW and the Salvation Army

Starvation Army: Band Music No. 1 - Songs of the IWW and the Salvation Army

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There is still power in a union and its songs. Starvation Army: Band Music No. 1 - Songs of the IWW and the Salvation Army resurrects the IWW’s forgotten brass band repertoire. These songs helped the “Wobblies” prevail in the infamous Spokane Free Speech Fight of 1910, where protestors battled for the right to organize against bad pay and corrupt bosses. In response, the companies hired the local Salvation Army band (nicknamed “starvation” by the workers) to drown out their protests. Fighting back, J.H. Walsh’s IWW Brass Band waged sonic war with note-for-note parodies of these popular songs in a battle of the bands. Eventually the “Wobblies” won the public’s sympathy and helped overturn the ruling that made public protest illegal, in no small part through their music. This collection, performed by the Brass Band of Columbus together with New York Democratic Socialist choir Sing in Solidarity, features songs from the IWW’s Little Red Songbook, including those composed by the legendary Joe Hill, a surreal piece by the eclectic classical composer Charles Ives, as well as old Christian hymns paired with satirical lyrics. It’s a landmark revival of a forgotten thread of protest music and what conductor and project creator Chris David Westover-Muñoz says he hopes will renew the labor singing tradition.

1. Hellelujah (Hallelujah, I'm a Bum)
2. Are You Washed (from Band Music No. 1)
3. The Roll Call
4. Out in the Bread-line
5. Sunshine in My Soul (and Hunger in My Stomach)
6. Old Hundredth
7. The Preacher and the Slave
8. Salvation, or General William Booth Enters into Heaven
9. Nearer My Job to Thee
10. Covenant
11. A Dream
12. Are You Washed (from Brass Band Journal No. 210)
13. Dump the Bosses off Your Back
14. Christians at War
15. There Is Power in a Union
16. Christians at War (A capella)
17. Nearer My Job to Thee (A capella)

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