Robb Johnson


The Daily Telegraph describes Robb Johnson as “one of Britain’s most challenging songwriters,” with good reason. Over the course of his 30-year career in folk music, Johnson has delved into the annals of political and military histories of the world. His performances are charged with an intense passion and energy, even after all these years.

Since his early days performing at his UK university folk club, Johnson has garnered popular support in his native country and from people from all over the world alike. His satirical approach to topical, often politically-driven, songwriting has earned him a reputation as one of Britain’s finest songsmiths. Johnson has performed worldwide at numerous prestigious events, including the Passendael Peace Concert, the BBC’s “Folk Britannia” concert and the Tollpuddle Martyrs Festival and Rally in 2012, for which he was featured on Telegraph UK top 100 festivals list.

Few artists can boast as vast a discography as Johnson does: for 20 continuous years, he has released at least one solo album annually, with numerous collaborations peppered throughout his career. Johnson’s collaborations include many recordings and live performances with fellow Free Dirt Records artist and UK folk legend Leon Rosselson. 

Two recordings from Johnson’s catalogue are available on Free Dirt - a box set featuring 10 previously unreleased tracks, and a collaboration album with Leon Rosselson.

Robb Johnson Recordings from Free Dirt Records:

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