The Wilders - Sittin’ on a Jury (10″ Colored Vinyl EP)

The Wilders - Sittin’ on a Jury (10″ Colored Vinyl EP)

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Sittin’ on a Jury marks an extraordinary transition for The Wilders from the country and old-time music you’ve grown to love, to a new set of original tunes that have been brewing in their subconscious for quite some time. This limited-edition 10-inch red vinyl release begins with the familiar Wilders sound in three classic songs never before recorded by the band: “Bringing in the Georgia Mail”, “I’m a Long Gone Daddy,” and fiddle tune “Brown’s Dream” (featuring Dirk Powell on banjo). With the title track, “Sittin’ on Jury”, things head in an unexpected direction. This epic track is a musical journey that takes you through a collage of American musical styles, from dark, reflective, bluesy tunes to energetic driving rhythms. One listen and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the new path The Wilders are forging. 1500 copy limited-edition run.

 Track Listing:

  1. Bringing in the Georgia Mail
  2. I'm a Long Gone Daddy
  3. Brown's Dream
  4. Sittin' on a Jury

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