The Wilders - Someone’s Got to Pay

The Wilders - Someone’s Got to Pay

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The Wilders break new ground with their most ambitious studio recording to date, Someone’s Got to Pay. The album takes the story of a real-life murder trial and interweaves it with original country, old-time, and Americana songs about small town crazies and wrecked lives. Many of the tracks are reminiscent of the band’s powerful live performances. But there is also remarkably introspective material. Clearly, The Wilders have matured as a band, and on “Someone’s Got to Pay”, they has passed a new creative milestone. The subject matter may be dark, but don’t let that fool you. The Wilders just got wilder, and the music is more engaging than ever. Co-produced by Dirk Powell (Balfa Toujours) and Brendan Moreland (Rex Hobart & The Misery Boys).

Track Listing:

  1. Wild Old Nory
  2. Broken Down Gambler
  3. (an old murder ballad come to life)
  4. Sittin’ on a Jury: Prologue
  5. My Final Plea
  6. Hey Little Darlin
  7. Old Dirty Boot
  8. (raised up my right hand)
  9. Sittin' on a Jury: The Prosecution
  10. Someone's Got to Pay
  11. Happy That Way
  12. Collard Greens
  13. (hey mr. judge)
  14. Sittin' on a Jury: The Defense
  15. Sorry I Let You Down
  16. Rock in the Woods
  17. (davey took a gun and killed his wife)
  18. Sittin' on a Jury: The Verdict
  19. Sittin' on a Jury: Epilogue
  20. Goodbye (I've Seen it All)

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