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‘Bet On Love,’ the newest album from Pharis & Jason Romero, takes you on a wonderful trip through their distinctive songwriting, singing and playing. Recorded mostly live with guests John Reischman (mandolin) and Patrick Metzger (bass), the duo joined with producer Marc Jenkins to bring an album of plain feelings and acoustic instrumentation to lush, love-affirming life.

Pharis and Jason are a sentimental anchoring, and the perfect antidote to this sped-up life. Some scratchy old records and a custom banjo led to their meeting in 2007, and they quickly knew they were in for the long haul. They've since released six records, toured all over, won two Juno awards and multiple Canadian Folk Music Awards, and performed on A Prairie Home Companion and CBC's The Vinyl Cafe.

The sound of their two voices together is quietly show-stopping. The songs are inspired by the world the Romeros live in and the lifestyle they choose, with a powerful dose of the early country and folk they so dearly love. Balancing a bustling boutique banjo business and two young kids with the busy life of active musicians, and the balancing act itself becomes an art form.

They are passionate teachers and folk music lovers; Pharis is Artistic Director for Voice Works, (a workshop for singers) and Jason teaches all styles of banjo playing, especially old-time three finger playing.

Their newest record Bet On Love follows up on 2018’s Sweet Old Religion (also produced by Marc Jenkins) - which won a 2019 Juno Award, two Canadian Folk Music 2018 Awards, was the #1 most played record of 2018 on Stingray Folk-Roots, and was included on a bunch Best of 2018 Lists. Their 2015 A Wanderer I'll Stay was called "sublime" (NPR) and "brilliant" (BBC), and won a 2016 Juno Award and a Western Canadian Music Award; the title track was 2015's #1 most-played song on the Folk-DJ Charts. 

For more information on Pharis & Jason Romero, please visit their official site

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