Rod Hamdallah

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, garage rocker Rod Hamdallah has been tearing up the Southeast’s vibrant music scene since before he was old enough to order his first drink. At 16, Rod began soaking up the southern delta blues and garage rock sounds at a relentless pace; influenced by early soul, blues and garage rock, Rod took his sound to another level. At 17, he started sharing the stage with influences such as Sean Costello, Dexter Romweber and more.

Rod’s original musical elements are rooted in blues, garage and early soul. Low-fidelity, dark storytelling and American roots music play a big part in the songwriting. He creates a sound that can be linked to artists such as The Flat Duo Hets, Captain Beefheart and The Black Keys.

His debut EP, Think About It (May 2014), is a wailing garage rock stomper with lo-fi bluesy vocals throughout all 5 tracks. The single “Think About It” keeps your head shaking with dirty guitar and a punk attitude, while the soulful vocals keep their place. “Carry You Home,” featuring Colonel JD Wilkes of The Legendary Shack Shakers, adds a banjo and dreamy Wurlitzer piano to the bluesy western tune.

Hamdallah is crafting a sound from all influences and personal experience with dynamic variation and melodic vocals.

For more information, please visit Rod Hamdallah's official site

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