Kaia Kater - Strange Medicine

Kaia Kater - Strange Medicine

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On Strange Medicine, acclaimed roots musician Kaia Kater succeeds in the act of transformation, alchemizing grief into joy, sorrow into hope. Kater’s captivating songs celebrate the power of oppressed people and act as an antidote to centuries of exploitation, fear, and greed. This collection of ten songs—featuring appearances by today’s finest roots musicians such as Allison Russell, Aoife O’Donovan, and Taj Mahal—showcases Kater’s biting topical songwriting and deft arranging chops. Strange Medicine’s intricate orchestrations were inspired by diverse sources: composer Steve Reich’s propulsive minimalism, the frenetic jazz drumming of Brian Blade, the unsettling orchestral scores of film composer Jonny Greenwood, and the spiraling rhythms of the West African kora. Furthermore, Kater’s delicate yet robust banjo playing charts new territory well beyond what's expected of the instrument. With Strange Medicine, Kater taps into the full kaleidoscope of her artistry, creating an outlet for our collective grief and celebration and inviting the ancestors to a place of honor at the table.

Track Listing:

1. The Witch
2. Maker Taker
3. Mechanics of the Mind
4. In Montreal
5. The Internet
6. Fédon
7. Floodlights
8. Often as the Autumn
9. History in Motion
10. Tigers

Catalog Number: DIRT-CD-0117, DIRT-LP-0117

UPC: CD (877746011726), LP (877746011719)

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