Liv Greene - Deep Feeler

Liv Greene - Deep Feeler

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Liv Greene isn’t running from herself anymore. She’s pried herself open and let real longing, frustration, and love break free. Deep Feeler, her sophomore album, is a reckoning with reality, a vulnerable snapshot of hard-won self-acceptance. It’s feminine, queer, and defiant. It also heralds the arrival of Greene as a powerful new voice who joins the songwriting tradition of Emmylou, Patty, Gillian, and Lucinda – in her own way. Greene self-produced and recorded Deep Feeler live to tape in Nashville’s Woodland Sound Studios, with collaborator Matt Andrews (Gillian Welch & Dave Rawlings, O Brother Where Art Thou) and a dreamy band of friends including Sarah Jarosz, Dom Billett, Elise Leavy, and Christian Sedelmeyer. The resulting collection of beautiful melodies and folk-rooted storytelling is a bold achievement: a piece of art that matters culturally, musically, and personally.

Track Listing:

1. Deep Feeler
2. Made It Mine Too
3. Wild Geese
4. Flowers
5. Katie
6. I've Got My Work to Do
7. You Were Never Mine
8. It Ain't Dead Yet
9. Halfway Out
10. I Can Be Grateful

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