Shortstack - Please Leave My Mind

Shortstack - Please Leave My Mind

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Shortstack, Washington D.C.’s favorite veteran post-Americana rock band, celebrates their 10-year anniversary with their most realized artistic expression yet, Please Leave My Mind. While their 3rd full-length offering is their most accessible to date, the band has clearly matured as songwriters and studio artists. Subtly checking a bit of their signature creepy twang at the studio door, Shortstack’s focus this time around is on crafting more a more sophisticated, yet precise collection of rockin’ tracks, while bringing lead singer Adrian Carroll’s vocals to the forefront, and tackling a more personal domain of lyrical topics. It’s as if the band has traded in their Model-T for a Lamborghini in their journey through the dusty roots & blues/early rock n roll landscape that makes up old weird America. Gritty yet polished, uneasy yet relaxed, complex yet simply catchy as your favorite Beatles tune, Please Leave My Mind satisfies the soul, no matter what shape it’s in.

“This is American music that grabs from a number of different traditions and cultures to create something unique and stunningly powerful.”
- Ari Joffe, Transform Online

 Track Listing:

  1. Breathe
  2. Greyhound
  3. Dear Jena
  4. The Stroll
  5. Reckless and Alive
  6. Though I Turn Grey
  7. Here's to Progress
  8. Lamborghini Nights
  9. Vietnam War Movie
  10. I Knew Him By
  11. Sun All Around Me

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