Terence Winch, Michael Winch, and Jesse Winch - This Day Too: Music from Irish America

Terence Winch, Michael Winch, and Jesse Winch - This Day Too: Music from Irish America

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This Day Too features traditional and original songs and tunes from one of the Washington DC area’s best-known Irish-American musical families, aided and abetted by 12 friends and fellow musicians from Washington’s traditional music community—Patrick Armstrong, Tina Eck, Eileen Estes, Brian Gaffney, Conor Hearn, Seamus Kennedy, Nita Conley Korn, Zan McLeod, Brendan Mulvihill, Connor Murray, Dominick Murray, and Madeline Waters, with a posthumous contribution from Paddy Winch and P. J. Conway. This is the first album featuring new material from Terence Winch—composer of many of the original Celtic Thunder’s best-known songs—in almost 10 years.  Winch is also an acclaimed poet whose work has been published widely and featured many times on Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac radio program.

“A joyful celebration of art and community, this recording is long overdue.” —Mick Moloney

“This captivating recording of songs and tunes artfully dodges a paint-by-numbers depiction of what it is to be Irish American. Original songs range from hilarious to haunting, and traditional and original jigs, reels, Kerry-flavored polkas, and other tunes impressively stir feet or hearts. Here is an Irish America we know far better and appreciate far more through this imaginatively conceived album nimbly performed by two co-founders of the original Celtic Thunder, brothers Terence and Jesse Winch; Terence’s son, Michael; and 12 other musicians mostly drawn from the talent bounty of Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C. I love this album!” — Earle Hitchner

Track List:

1. Johnny O'Leary's / Kilcummin Lasses / The Ballyvaughan Polka (polkas)
2. Lannisters' Ball (Game of Thrones Song) (song)
3. Lally's Alley / Cat's Tail & Gravy (air/hornpipe)
4. Nelly, My Love, and Me (song)
5. Earl's Chair / The Green Groves of Erin / Sailor on the Rock (reels)
6. Childhood Ground
7. Tommy Mulhair's / Finish It Up / Boys of the Town (jigs)
8. Cahercrea / The Ring Finger
9. Welcome Home (song)
10. The Wonder Hornpipe / Austin Tierney's / The Thunder Reel (hornpipe/reels)
11. Sinning (song)
12. The Blooming Meadows / The Monaghan Jig (jigs)
13. This Day Too (song)
14. In Memory of Michael Coleman / Hughie's Cap / Forget Me Not (reels)
15. The Homes of Donegal (song)

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