The Wilders - The Wilders

The Wilders - The Wilders

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The growth that The Wilders have achieved in their 15 years of existence is truly remarkable, and is documented like never before here in their tenth release. Fittingly self-titled, The Wilders is a deeply personal and profoundly intense recording of original heartfelt pop songs, rapid-fire Americana anthems, and “new-time/ old time” fiddle tracks that will be irresistible to devoted fans and admired by new ones. Adding arrangements that make greater use of electric guitar and bass as well as glockenspiel and piano gives The Wilders a sound that is unique to the band’s catalog. However, the most profound difference might be the group’s songwriting, bearing a passion matched only by The Wilders’ trademark high-energy live performance. Each member of the band penned at least one track, while usual frontman Ike Sheldon steps aside on a couple of tracks to let his bandmates take over on lead vocals. The results demonstrate the band’s amazing new level of dexterity and penchant for storycraft, ranging from the epic “Get Up Kid” to the classic honky-tonk style of “She Says (I Say).” The Wilders celebrates the group’s 15-year anniversary by transcending expectations, but without setting aside the fearless rhythms, close harmony, and incredible chemistry that have made the group beloved the world over.

“A mighty band – brilliant” – Frank Hennessy, BBC Radio


Track Listing:

  1. Ordinary People 
  2. Mid November
  3. Riding On Your High Horse
  4. She Says (I Say)
  5. Get Up Kid
  6. Stay With Me
  7. Pat's 25
  8. Riverboat
  9. L.A.
  10. Things They Say About Home
  11. No. 7
  12. This Old Town
  13. Lay Down Our Guns


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